Scary Robber With Knife Gets Locked In Store [VIDEO]


When there’s a dude robbing a store with a huge knife and a big black hood covering up his head–well, you’re probably thinking that you’re in a slasher film about a psycho killer who needs to pick up some quick gas money before going to terrorize some teens.

This guy, for example, was clearly trying to rob a convenience store when his unlucky ass got locked in there by a good samaritan–who undoubtedly was trying to keep the creepy robber in the store until the cops or at least people with guns showed up. The video is only 39 seconds long, and consists of the robber repeatedly pounding on the door and screaming through his black hood to be let out of the store. You’ll notice the idiot cashier in the back is all whining and pleading when she should be picking up a big glass bottle of something and cracking it over the robber’s head. Instead, she ended up being threatened, and the two folks holding the door had to let the guy out.

You won’t see that part here, but remember that the psycho got away and is probably hiding out in your closet right now. Don’t forget to blame that cashier…


Behold Ye Olde Creepy Castle of Optical Illusion… [GIF]
Behold Ye Olde Creepy Castle of Optical Illusion… [GIF]
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