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Godzilla vs. Attorney at Law [NERDIST VIDEO]


Godzilla Lawyer Nerdist Video

It’s a big day for Thomas Lennon. CBS just made the official announcement that the Reno 911! star will be paired with Matthew Perry in an upcoming sitcom reboot of The Odd Couple, and now Lennon isĀ helping the fine folks of Nerdist launch a big site reboot with a fine Godzilla spoof. We probably shouldn’t dwell too much on the big idea here, but the important thing is that yo no longer have to be a helpless victim after Godzilla stomps all over your city. If we ramble on any more, then we’ll probably just say a few spoilers that you don’t really have to hear before seeing Godzilla this weekend. It’s worth seeing, though–after you check out this video, of course….

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