Which Original "Star Wars" Character Won't Be in Episode VII?

The majority of the original cast from the first Star Wars trilogy may be returning to a galaxy far, far away but today we learned that one of them won’t return for J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII. Luke Skywalker’s wingman Wedge Antilles won’t make his triumphant return to the big screen for Episode VII.
Denis Lawson, the actor who played Wedge in the first three movies, was approached by Abrams and company to make another appearance in Episode VII. However, he didn’t want to just play a character that was slightly bigger than a background extra. So he reluctantly agreed but only if his character could have a bigger role. Unfortunately, the script was already written and shooting schedules were starting to take shape. Writing another script would just be out of the question. So Lawson had to turn them down and now it appears that his character won’t appear in the new movie either.
Wedge Antilles is an interesting anomaly in sci-fi fandom and the Star Wars universe. His character didn’t have much screen time but he became a fixture in all three Star Wars movies probably because he was the only X-Wing pilot besides Luke who didn’t burn up like a crispy chicken nugget on a campfire roasting stick. The fans elevated him to the same level of hero worship as some of the series’ more famous and familiar characters and they are surely saddened to learn that he won’t be returning but it’s probably for the best. We’re with Lawson on this one. If you can fly with Luke Skywalker all that time and not die to defend his honor, then you deserve a bigger part.

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