"Gathering Of The Juggalos" Annoucement Here To Make Your Monday Better

Every year The Gathering of the Juggalos does an amazingly awful and long video production announcing their festival, the entertainment, and the names of musical acts who be might be subjected to human waste being thrown at them. In order to celebrate(?), let’s take a brief look some of the names announced:

Surprisingly popular names that make you question if Gathering of the Juggalos might actually be legit:

• Yelawolf
• Cypress Hill
• Bone Crusher
• Hopsin

Ridiculous names of Juggalo artists you’d only find at GoTJ:

• Axe Murder Boyz
• Blaze Ya Dead Homie
• Legz Diamond and the Purple Gang
• Pyschopathic Rydas
• Razakel and Sicktanic

That one musician you kind of feel bad for because you know he’s desperate when he has to perform at GoTJ:

• Shock G (of “Humpty Hump” fame)

One very important note is that the Gathering is no longer being held at Cave-in-Rock, Illinois. Instead the four-day festival will be held at Legend Valley, a 120-acre plot of land that’s actually owned by a fellow juggalo who wanted to give them a safe place to hold the festival.

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