Injured Wolf Gets Help in Touching Display of…AARRGH! [VIDEO]

Sadly, we’re at the point where we expect to see Jimmy Kimmel‘s smiling face at the end of every fine video that we find–but we still can’t help but share thjs touching tape of a man who finds a poor wolf limping along in the wilderness, and then learns that maybe a person who’s made of meat probably shouldn’t approach a wounded and likely-ravenous¬†wild animal. If this video isn’t real, then at least there’s an admirable way of wrapping up the end of this clip without having to look fake.
And if it is for real, then we love the way that this ends better than most found-footage horror movies that we’ve had to endure. Above all, though, we’re doing a public service by reminding people that sometimes it’s best to leave things alone. Especially things with teeth…

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