Final Draft Pick Lonnie Ballentine Is 2014's Mr. Irrelevant [VIDEO]

The NFL Draft is always full of unpredictable moments and players that fans don’t know much about. One of the highlights is the final pick–who is then hailed as “Mr. Irrelevant,” which is frankly kind of rude. This year’s player to get that moniker was Memphis safety Lonnie Ballentine, who was taken by the Houston Texans with the No. 256 pick. He’ll get the full Mr. Irrelevant treatment, including a trip to Disneyland among other Irrelevant Week activities in Newport Beach, CA. It’s something that makes the NFL Draft one of the best out there.
Ballentine may not make the Texans roster when the season begins, but at least he gets some extra press from being the final overall pick. There are likely many players who got picked in the seventh round who wished that they wouldn’t have been picked until that final selection just to get the perks from it. It was a long 3-day wait for Ballentine to see if he would actually get drafted or not.
There have been a few Mr. Irrelevants who’ve gone to success in the NFL over the years, too, so hopefully Ballentine can be the next one to make a NFL roster. Now fans can wait to see who the final pick is next year–and for now, let’s at least take a look at Ballentine in action, as he survives a few plays that would’ve probably gotten us knocked out…

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