New York Jets' Rex Ryan Had His Kid As An Inside Man for the Draft

NFL coaches use any advantage necessary to get an edge–whether it’s on the field itself or in the draft. New York Jets coach Rex Ryan was able to cash in with some family connections during his 6th round draft pick for Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd. Ryan’s son Seth is a wide receiver at Clemson, which gives the Ryan family an inside relationship with the quarterback. Boyd’s name was still on the board late in the draft, and Ryan decided that he wanted the player he already knew.
The time he had with Boyd allowed Ryan to feel comfortable with his selection, and he knew what he was going to get out of his draft pick. Boyd may have dropped for some people in the draft, but all it takes is one coach to believe in someone. It’s going to a long and hard road for Boyd to make the roster, of course. The Jets already have Michael Vick and Geno Smith, so it will be a real fight for the third spot.
There are more coaches in this day and age depending on their kids to help them out with picks. Hopefully, this one works out for the Ryan family–along with Boyd–in their journey trying to win a Super Bowl for the Jets.

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