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5 Perfectly Precious Wes Anderson Parodies For His Birthday [VIDEOS]



Today is writer and director Wes Anderson’s 45th birthday. There’s no doubt that the director has come a long way since his debut film, Bottle Rocket, in 1996. Not only has Wes skyrocketed in fame, his best friends and frequent collaborators Luke and Owen Wilson have been along for the amazing ride the whole time.

Anderson definitely revolutionized the film industry. In fact, he is so well known for his signature style that he’s been parodied again and again. It’s really just too easy. Here’s our five favorite Wes Anderson parody videos… Happy birthday, Wes. We hope for many more great films (and parodies) as the years go by.

The First Grade Journal of Ramsey

Wes Anderson’s Audition Tape For Star Wars

John McCain Campaign Ad…Directed By Anderson

A Classic Zoolander Scene in Anderson Style

How A Wes Anderson Fan Eats A Reeses Cup

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