Vermont Student Falls Out of Window After Drinking LSD Laced Wine

A college student in Poultney, Vermont has been hospitalized after taking a hit of LSD that allegedly caused him to jump out of a window last Sunday. Alcohol might have been involved.
23-year-old Christian Pezzino, a student at Green Mountain College, is currently receiving treatment in the ICU unit of a local hospital after he jumped through a glass window from the fourth floor of his dormitory. Police who responded to the call said that he and his friends were drinking wine laced with LSD before he jumped out of the window. The friends told police that they all knew what was in the bottle before they drank it. Then sometime later, Pezzino started running down the hall and dove through the plate glass window. So far, no one has been arrested or charged in connection with the accident. An additional report said that Pezzino is currently listed in critical condition.
Mixing a hallucinogen with wine sounds like something that our parents would have done when they were in their drug-taking days. Of course, mixing any kind of drug with another drug is dangerous. Santa Clara University issued an alert to their students recently that combining LSD with alcohol could actually lessen the effects of the drug–but it could also allow them to drink more than they normally would. That’s how LSD became so popular amongst certain frats. But then there’s the little matter of excessive drinking beyond the point of drunkenness, which is a whole new level of danger that leads to things like¬†alcohol poisoning.¬†Seriously, nothing good can come out of drinking like you’re high on LSD.

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