"Lunch With Lakers Girls" Looks As Successful As Lakers Season [PHOTOS]

The Laker Girls teamed up with Carl’s Junior to do a “Laker Girls Lunch Date,” which looks like it got a pretty good turnout in terms of numbers. The problem lies in that the types of people who showed up were actually the types of people who might actually take a real girl on a lunch date to Carl’s Jr.

The event was over a month ago, but for reasons unknown these are just now going around the internet. So we’re hopping on this old story’s bandwagon with the disclaimer that we’ve actually uncovered some more classics from Carl’s Jr’s Flickr account. [all photos in post are copyright Carl’s Jr]

Lakers Girls Lunch (1)

Possibly the most uncomfortable human on the planet at that time the photo was taken.

Lakers Girls Lunch (2)

Obvious stain jokes aside, this guy’s sleeves are super long. Can’t unsee that.

Lakers Girls Lunch (3)

There are some people in life who literally never learned how to smile.

Lakers Girls Lunch (4)

“Oh yeah, let’s throw up gang signs. That’ll be AWESOME.”

Lakers Girls Lunch (5)

100% convinced this is Artie Lange.

Lakers Girls Lunch (6)

Lakers Girls Lunch (7)

Reason #4,388,202 why the internet is the greatest place in the world.

Lakers Girls Lunch (8)

Someone just told him Derek Fisher doesn’t play for the Lakers anymore. Super embarrassed.

Lakers Girls Lunch (9)

100% confused here.

Lakers Girls Lunch (10)

Lakers Girls Lunch (11)

My favorite couple.

Lakers Girls Lunch (12)

Xbox Live headset right there. No way that behemoth has wireless capability–it’s from the 90’s.

Lakers Girls Lunch (13)

If you’re wearing a fanny pack, why bother putting things in your pocket?

Lakers Girls Lunch (14)

Yes you are, sir. Yes you are.

Lakers Girls Lunch (15)

Respect the tucked in jeans shorts.

Lakers Girls Lunch (17)

Not only is he wearing Nats hat, this guy has the balls to wear a “I’m loving it” vagina t-shirt.

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