NBA Dancers’ Social Media: A Power Ranking [PHOTOS]

Update: Here’s our new 2014 Ranking of NBA Dancers‘ Social Media. Check it out!

NBA Dancers are more involved in their sport than the hot cheerleaders of any other professional sports league. First off, every NBA team has a dance squad (unlike the NFL and the NHL) heavily involved in game-time entertainment. Whether it’s throwing out t-shirts, bringing out fans for giveaways, or even doing actual dancing during timeouts, these women love to get involved.

And that’s just with the on-court stuff. Plenty of teams have started understanding the importance of video content/original photos to help bring their brand to new fans; dancers are great subjects to do that. They’re gorgeous, coordinated, and very easy to look at. We don’t see any problems with that strategy.

And even though the NBA season’s just getting started, a lot of dance teams are setting the tone for how they want their year to turn out.

That’s why we think it’s important to give you the lowdown on how your favorite NBA Dance Teams are doing with social media–the best place for them to interact with their fans. The sooner you get a feeling for which dance squads produce the best content, the more enjoyable and well-rounded your NBA season will be.

So why wait any longer? Start reading below for some of the best quasi-basketball related content.

NFL Cheerleaders Social Rankings | NHL Ice Girls Social Rankings

A note about the rankings. We are not ranking the dancers. They are all awesome.

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