"Marilyn Monroe": New Pharrell Has The Hat And Hot Women [VIDEO]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXXVMcyy_Ag&w=600&h=350]
Pharrell Williams’ new video for his single “Marilyn Monroe” is officially here. We’re not too crazy about the song, but the video sure has some great visuals.
It features Pharrell wearing his stupid hat and basically hanging out with girls that are stretching and dancing the entire time. The video features a lot of  unknown hotties but there are two that definitely stick out- that being Bride of Pharrell Helen Lasichanh, and Kelly Osbourne, with both popping in for quick cameos…
So check it out–and know that Pharrell can at least take some comfort in knowing that there’s no way this “Marilyn Monroe” video can be as hated as the new Avril Lavigne video. Damn.

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