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“Sin City: A Dame To Kill For” Trailer Punches You In The Face [VIDEO]


sin city

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez are returning to the black and white world of Sin City this summer with their new movie Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and they’ve just realized a short trailer for it.

The new trailer is only about 60 seconds long but they’ve packed a lot of action into such a small bit of film. It’s full of punches, bruised faces, gunfire and Jessica Alba giving us a tease of her stripper moves. So if you’re any fan of movies, comics books or watching Jessica Alba grinding on a stage, you really have no excuse to not watch this thing right now. The film hits theaters on August 22nd.

Just like the first Sin City film, the movie is broken up into four very gritty, pulp style stories that attempt to either pick up the pieces left by the grisly events of the first film or explain how they got so messy with prequels that take place before the first movie. The aforementioned Alba returns to exact revenge for the death of John Hartigan by killing a United States Senator. Dwight McCarthy, played by Josh Brolin, helps the “dame” in the title Ava Lord, played by Eva Green, escape the evil clutches of her sinister husband. Mickey Rourke is also in the movie as someone who has trouble remembering where he’s been and why he’s surrounded by dead bodies. He’s also probably in the movie because gritty films like these need characters who look like they’ve just been run over by life and they also wanted to save money on makeup.

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