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Toronto Raptors Masai Ujiri Fined $25,000 For “F**k Brooklyn” [VIDEO]


Toronto Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri may want to pick his words differently the next time that he’s trying to fire up fans. The NBA just fined him $25,000 for using an obscenity during a rally before Toronto’s home playoff opener. Ujiri’s words got caught on video (of course) and were soon posted on social media. He would later apologize to reporters at halftime during the game. Which, incidentally, the Raptors would lose to the Brooklyn Nets.

This should be a lesson for anyone with a microphone in their hands to watch what they’re saying. Ujiri obviously just wanted to get the fans wound up and ready for the biggest game the franchise has had in a while. He should’ve still kept things PG-13 along the way. He may not like the Nets ,but he can’t vent in that way and expect to get away with it. Besides, it’s pretty obvious now that Toronto needed to be focused on the game besides Ujiri’s comments.

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