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Louie C.K. Previews “Louie” Season 3 With Three Promos [VIDEO]



Another season of FX’s Louie starring Louis C.K. is just around the corner and once again, they’ve released a series of hilarious promos that perfectly encapsulate the show’s dark, dreary comedy tone.

The new season kicks off Monday, May 5th but these promos should tide you over and give you a good taste of what we can expect that loveable, balding redhead will get into for his third season. First up, we get a black and white promo that’s more in-line with the film making that Louis C.K. used to do before he became television’s biggest household name. It features him jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge with some roses in his hand. Could this be a prophetic view of the events to come or is it Louie simply being Louie?

Next up, we get a preview of what it’s like when Louie goes to see a new doctor because of some old man pains in his back. This time, however, he doesn’t go to his usual, abusive physician Dr. Ben played perfectly by Ricky Gervais. He’s going to a new doctor played by Charles Grodin–who¬†we haven’t seen in a comedic acting role for a long time.

Finally, we get an amalgamation of all the depressing yet affable hijinks that ol’ Louie is about to get himself into this season, which appears to include some kind of joint problems, physical assault and even jail time.

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