Kids Get Stuck in the Darndest Places [33 PHOTOS]

What does it mean when a 3-year-old boy can get out of an apartment at night and make it across the street to a bowling alley where he then manages to get stuck amongst the stuffed animals in a toy claw machine? We’re thinking that it means someone should call Child Services. Also, it means that kids really can find all kinds of amazing ways to get into trouble. That’s one of the most terrifying things about children. You can think you’re a good parent, but all it takes is one really fascinating evening of Adult Swim before you turn around and discover that your kid is on the evening news for getting stuck in a giant novelty vodka bottle at the liquor store down the street.

Well, that’s how we imagine things going for us. There are all kinds of horrific scenarios where kids get stuck in weird places and then you’re worrying about the kid being hurt. Or, more likely, worrying that someone will take a picture of your kid as photographic evidence that you’re the world’s worst parent.

The good news is that there are plenty more pics to prove that kind of thing can happen to anybody. We have a pretty amazing collection of impossibly strange kids right here–and it’s okay to laugh, because we can guarantee that none of these kids were ever really hurt. We can’t say the same for any husbands who might have let these kids get in trouble to begin with…

Dude Tries To Take Selfie, Gets Kicked In The Head [VIDEO]
Dude Tries To Take Selfie, Gets Kicked In The Head [VIDEO]
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