5 Coolest Gigs People Have Gotten Through Social Media

It seems that these days being dumb on Social Media can really screw up your career in a lot of ways. However there is a a flip side to it, as well. Social Media can actually do wonders for your career! So by all means make your twitter account actually interesting, take cool photos on Instagram and start a good tumblr…because you never know what it might lead to.
From TV shows to book deals, here’s our five favorite gigs that people have gotten through being really, really good at Social Media.

5. Staff Writer on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Bryan Donaldson got a job this last fall as a staff writer simply by having an awesome twitter. He went from being a full time IT guy in Peoria, Illinois to being a staff writer on one of the hottest new shows because a producer at Meyers followed him and decided to fly him out for an interview this past fall.

4. A CBS Pilot

Lauren Bachelis started a tumblr called #HollywoodAssistants. The site was pretty similar to a lot of blogs in which you have a GIF with a funny title. There’s literally thousands of tumblrs just like it, but CBS decided this one was funny enough to create a show out of it.

3. A Book Deal

If you’re an aspiring writer, Tumblr is a really great place to get noticed. Just ask J. Patrick Brown, who got a book deal out of his hilarious tumblr, Hungover Owls. There are countless examples of other writers who have gotten book deals through using the website. Putting their stuff out there has worked wonders for these guys.

2. A Whole Season on Network TV

Once again, having a hilarious twitter account helped Justin Halpern get a show on network television. Although the show sucked, it was still a testament to the power of Social Media.


1. Getting Signed To A Sports Agency

If you don’t know about Jen Selter’s Instagram account by now…welcome to the Internet. The 20 year old Long Island girl has used Instagram better than anyone else ever has by accumulating over 3 million followers simply by having a great behind. She’s also been featured in Vanity Fair and will be getting countless appearance gigs, fitness jobs and a million other opportunities. Oh, and she just got signed to a huge sports agency. Is she good at talking? No. Does she contribute to the well-being of society? Not really. Does she have really nice assets and has she used Social Media to propel herself into the public eye perfectly? Yes she has. For that alone, we give Jen (as well as the millions of other Instagram models out there) major kudos.

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