US Airways Twitter Photo Of Plane In Vagina: Who Has The Original?

We’re as shocked as anyone that the Twitter account at US Airways responded to a customer’s complaint by Twittering a photo of a woman with her legs spread and a model airplane (#777) sticking out of her vagina–but can anybody tell us more about this woman? We’re pretty sure that we haven’t seen this pic before, and we’re frankly kind of distressed over that. We like to think that we’re already in touch with the kind of kinky amateurs who are doing this kind of thing.
Or is it possible that this is really an older photo, like maybe from the ’80s? We don’t know enough about aviation history to confirm that kind of thing.
Anyway, the important thing is that this lady is now famous all over the internet for a fun picture that was probably originally just meant to be featured in something like Hustler magazine’s “Beaver Hunt” amateur section, and then some guy at US Airways was sent it as a joke (“Good luck in your new job!”), and then he didn’t hide it away in the “Warranties” file and accidentally posted it for the world to see. Well, good for her, and good for that soon-to-be-fired employee–who we hope will forward us along his other files when it’s time for him to clear out his computer while packing up his office.
Also, why are we all assuming that @thatkatzkat just didn’t make a really specific request? This could’ve been the best customer service ever.

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