30 Misspelled Traffic Signs: Let’s Blame BART [GALLERY]

The Oakland’ Department of Public Works wants you to know that it isn’t their fault that there’s a “SOTP” sign at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Arlington Avenue. That’s because the signage here was actually done by BART. We’re not exactly sure who this BART guy is, but he sure gets around, and his work doesn’t seem to be nearly as popular as BANKSY‘s. In fact, BART seems to be embarrassing people all over our great land.

Just check out the gallery below of BART’s shoddy workmanship. You’ll see that this isn’t BART’s first time laying down a “SOTP” sign, and he seems to really be into pointing out “SHCOOL” zones, too. That’s not all that’s going on here, though. We could’ve just filled up the space with different pics of BART’s favorite misspellings, but he’s also been busy mangling other important things. You’ll see that there’s someone named Gene Snyder who’s probably really pissed at BART, and we can’t imagine why the state of Florida keeps hiring the guy. Anyway, check out these images and know who’s to blame when BART comes to your town. It’s probably inevitable….

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