Bloodhound Elected Mayor Of Colorado Town

There’s a town in Colorado that just voted a bloodhound to be its mayor. It was a tight race, too, since the Pa Kettle the Bloodhound had to beat out 10 other candidates–including a wolf, a cat, a donkey and a hedgehog. So we’re mainly thinking that everybody should move to Divine, Colorado right now, because we can safely say that the people there are smoking way, way too much weed now that it’s legal.
And who’s the deputy mayor, you ask? Why, it’s Keyni the Wolf. He’s taking the office as the first runner-up for the mayoral postition. Keyni lost out to Pa Kettle by 55 votes. We hope that Keyni won’t be too disappointed as he watches Pa Kettle getting inaugurated this Saturday. Pa Kettle, of course, is replacing Walter the Three-Legged Cat–who is now retiring.
So what’s up with this glorious town? Well, we’ve already speculated about marijuana usage. All we can really add to all this is that the people of Divine are just continuing a long tradition of American animals running for office and winning. God bless the USA!

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