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X-Men’s Quicksilver Battles Bit Of Bacon In New Carl’s Jr. Ad [VIDEO]


American audiences just got their first look at Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the Marvel Comics’ mutant Quicksilver in the closing credits of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Meanwhile, FOX has their own version of the super-speedy mutant in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past–and audiences are getting their first look of him in action via a Carl’s Jr. ad. Now, we sure hate to sound all geeky, but there’s really something pretty disappointing about seeing a comic-book movie figure making his debut while endorsing a bacon breakfast biscuit. Not that we have anything against bacon breakfast biscuits. We’re just nerdy enough to think that the character deserves a little more respect.

It’s bad enough that Quicksilver is being divvied up by two actors. We bet that Evan Peters didn’t know his contract would have him shilling burgers, and he has to compete with Aaron Taylor-Johnson because Quicksilver is a character that can be applied to membership in both the X-Men and The Avengers. Now it turns out that Winter Soldier even keeps Evan Peters from racing to the big-screen first.

Also, Quicksilver isn’t a hot babe like former Carl’s Jr. spokesmodels Kate Upton and Nina Agdal. As it turns out, though, the Carl’s Jr. chain can’t even win with using hot babes in the X-Men franchise. Here’s the shocking sight of Mystique recently shilling for the hamburger chain–in an ad that a lot of people complained was sexist….

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