Deltopia Riots: The Best (Or Worst) Of The Bros [PHOTOS]

We’re still in the aftermath of the wild weekend in the (occasionally) quiet community of Isla Vista in Southern California–where the college kids who’d gathered for the Spring Break ritual of Deltopia began to break some things. Like, for example, the local laws. In fact, we’re talking about a proper riot during the popular happening at the University of California, Santa Barbara. There were over 100 arrests before things got under control (totally bitchin’!) and 44 people taken to the hospital (totally not cool).
Of course, we’re hoping that everyone there is back to normal and recovering from whatever the hell they did this weekend. We’re also hoping that this isn’t the end of Deltopia, because we’ve already assembled over 100 pics of the incredibly hot college girls there, and we’d like to see more of that next year. Now we’re going to take a look at the men of Deltopia–absolutely none of whom might have been involved in the actual rioting. All we’re saying is that these guys were in Santa Barbara for Deltopia.
Yes, there are a few pics that put some of these guys in the midst of the action, but the only thing we’re implying is that Deltopia looks like a whole lot of fun. Enjoy these very important artifacts of a wild time in Santa Barbara–and you’ll probably notice enough hot babes to get you inspired to check out our all-femme look at the Deltopia scene. And we’d add that nobody should try this at home, but it’s not likely that any of these guys were home at the time…

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