Cheerleaders of the 2014 NCAA Championship [PHOTOS]

Your brackets already beyond busted, which is actually good news because now you can sit back and watch what’s sure to be an exciting night of college hoops as UConn looks to defeat Kentucky at 9:10 PM EST. Are the five Kentucky freshmen actually experienced enough to see this trip through all the way, or is UConn just going to go “Shabazz On Em?” We can’t wait to find out. And yes, we’ll actually be in the stands.
As New Yorkers, we’re pulling for UConn to go all the way (Northeast represent), but there’s a good chance are that you have zero horses in this race. So why not root for the team you think has the hotter cheerleaders? Check out the cheerleader squads below then vote for who you think has all the lookers.

(8) Kentucky vs. (7) UConn

AT&T Stadium | April 7th | 9:10 PM EST | CBS


UConn Huskies Cheerleaders


Kentucky Wildcats Cheerleaders

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16 Sweet UCLA Bruins Cheerleader GIFs
16 Sweet UCLA Bruins Cheerleader GIFs
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