George W. Bush: Presidential Portraits By The Former President [GALLERY]

On the Today Show this morning, former President George W. Bush unveiled his artwork of different world leaders–and it was certainly interesting. Actually, the really interesting thing was that Today didn’t have some art experts on hand to tear apart the former President’s new hobby. That’s what we were expecting. Then the segment actually aired, and, guys, you totally won’t believe who got lucky enough to present the Bush amateur art gallery!  It was Today Show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager! What a coincidence!
Actually, that was probably for the best. Some NBC reporter like Chuck Todd would’ve been grilling George W. Bush about the economic disparities that clearly influenced the happy retirees humble artwork. It’s not like Bush isn’t being honest about being an art student. These don’t look nearly as bad as a few people we know that we have to encourage by telling them they have the sincerity of an Outsider Artist. That’s code for, “You don’t know how to paint.” And at least Bush isn’t paying tuition to get these done…


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