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Man Sends D**k Pic Along With Job App, Still Somehow Unemployed



Our dumba** of the day award definitely goes to a Dallas man who sent a resume, job application, and photograph of his penis to a Texas company.

Sadly, the dude did not get the job offer–but he did receive a misdemeanor charge for sending in the picture. The man was applying for a position at Texas Workforce Solutions, which is a company devoted to preparing clients for the workplace. We’re sure he would have fit in just fine at this place. When a TWS employee received the man’s application (and that rather unique “cover letter”), she called the cops. The authorities easily tracked down his application, which was linked to his personal email. The dude was then given a ticket for “obscene display or distribution,” which is a class C misdemeanor.

We’re not entirely sure why this guy thought to do this. Was it all a big mistake? Is he that proud of his schlong that he decided it was good enough to get a job? Some things we’ll never know–but it’s safe to say that this clown is probably still unemployed somewhere in Dallas, Texas.

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