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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jimmy Fallon Host Fake QVC Segment [VIDEO]



The last network you’d ever expect to see action star Arnold Schwarzenegger on is home shopping network QVC…so of course, Jimmy Fallon decided it would be hilarious if he was. Guess what? It was pretty epic.

Watch as Schwarzenegger shows off his funny side in a fake QVC segment on The Tonight Show, called “Now We’re Cookin’ With Zach Striker”–starring Fallon in a shaggy blonde wig with an interesting Southern accent. The pair presents a Vitamix blender and a “Slap Chop” slicer and dicer. As Fallon keeps trying to sell off the blender, Schwarzenegger gets madder and finally declares, “Let’s get to the chopper!”

Which, of course, makes everyone happy. Or at least guys like us who remember the iconic line from the 80s sci-fi classic Predator. Things only get wilder from there–and If you don’t recognize Schwarzenegger’s final line, then you must be at the wrong site. Anyway, it’s lots of fun, so enjoy the action and start pining for Schwarzenegger to do more comedy in the future…

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