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Man Sues OKCupid After Date Cheats Him Out of 70K



New York City resident Michael Picciano is suing OKCupid after he was swindled out of $70K by a man he met on the dating website.

In his lawsuit, the 65-year-old Picciano says that popular dating site OKCupid  failed to conduct “even minimal screening of its subscribers and therefore deceptively creating the impression that their dating service was safe…when in fact…[it] was a trap for the unwary.” Um, what? It’s a dating site, dude. You have to go into it with extreme caution. Basically, Picciano believes that it’s OKCupid’s fault that he willingly handed over tens of thousands of dollars to a stranger. 

Picciano said he connected with a man who said he was named Bruce Thompson in February 2013 and he started messaging him. After 10 days of messaging on OKCupid, they started emailing and calling; by the end of March, Thompson was asking him for money for a new computer parts business. Our smart victim, Michael Picciano, decided that this was totally reasonable. Less than two months after meeting someone on the Internet, Our Hero agreed to send his new friend $24,000. He then went on to send money to different names like “Dennis E. Racer” and “Edmond Thebeau.” At the end of it all, the charges came out to a whopping $70, 460. 

At this point, Picciano finally realized he was being  duped and went to the police. They haven’t been able to track Thompson down. 

This is terrible and all, but how dumb can this sucker possibly be? At the end of the day, if you’re putting yourself out there on a dating site, use your common sense and keep your credit card put away. Unless it’s a COED staffer asking for money. We really need it, lover.

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