This is What It Looks Like to Be Superman [VIDEO]

Someone finally got the brilliant idea to slap a GoPro camera on Superman’s mighty forehead so us mere mortals can see what it’s like to be the world’s greatest superhero.
The YouTube channel Corridor Digital created a very well-made and choreographed first-person experience of what it looks like to be Superman going through the course of his daily chores like stopping gun wielding bad guys and saving moderately hot women from burning buildings. It all starts when Krypton’s most famous son finds a GoPro camera and a tag from its owner asking for its safe return to his home address. Superman not only decides to bring the camera back to its rightful owner (and accidentally wreck his backyard, not even Superman is perfect) but also to film some first-person footage of his natural gift for flight, fending off gun wielding thugs and distressed damsel rescuing.
Of course, this wasn’t really a video of the real Superman in action. Filmmakers Sam Gorski, Niko Pueringer and Jake Watson used a radio controlled drone to record all the flying footage and digitally inserted Superman’s arms and feet and all the other special effects featured in the video into the final product. If you are actually disappointed to learn that this was all just a clever piece of special effects footage and not a genuine recording by a fictional comic book character, please stay where ever you are and someone will stop by to pick you up and get you some help.

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