CAMPUS CRIME: University of Florida's Serial Urinator Strikes Again

An unidentified man has the University of Florida‘s student body on its toes and constantly looking over their shoulder to see if someone is peeing on them because their “serial urinator” has struck again. [Image via Lee Cannon/Flickr]
Police in Gainesville, Florida confirmed that they received another report of a strange, unidentified “urinating man” relieving himself on three unsuspecting victims. The Gainesville Sun said that three additional women came forward and claimed they were also urinated on by a similarly described suspect after police released their initial report to the local media about the recurring reports of this bizarre college crime. This brings the total number of victims to seven since the unidentified man started running his crime spray¬†spree.
In each case, the suspect either sneaks up on his victims on a public sidewalk and begins relieving himself on them. When they turn to confront him, he exposes himself and flees the scene before anyone has a chance to catch him. They’ve also compiled a composite sketch of the man they believe to be their suspect in the hopes that someone will come forward and identify him. We’re thinking they could’ve done a better job with the sketch, though…

At least the local cops are putting extra undercover patrols around the University of Florida campus in the hopes of catching him in the act but so far, they haven’t caught the guy. You would think it would be easy to catch someone who literally leaves a trail for police to follow at the scene of all of his crimes.

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