CAMPUS CRIME: Man Caught Peeing On People At University of Florida

Police in Florida are trying to find an unidentified man accused of urinating on people near the University of Florida in Gainesville. Just another day in the life of a Campus Crime reporter.[Image via jp3d2k/Flickr]

An undetermined number of victims told Gainesville police that they were in public near the college campus when they felt something hitting the back of their legs. They spun around and saw a complete stranger relieving himself on them. As soon as they confronted the man, he fled the scene. So far, police have received at least three reports of the same suspect committing this bizarre act between Saturday, Feb. 22nd and Saturday, March 1st. The victims described him as a black male between 25-30 years old who stands at 6-feet with a “medium to chunky build” and short curly hair. Police officials said that when they catch the suspect, they plan to at least charge him with battery for urinating on people on public.

The repeat cases have raised serious concerns for the authorities, so they are putting more cops on and around the University of Florida. Police are stepping up their patrols around the campus perimeter and also putting some undercover officers in plain clothes on the beat in the hopes that one of them can catch this guy in the act. Once again, it’s stories like this that make us realize that police officers don’t get paid nearly enough for the job that they do, especially one that involves getting peed on by a total stranger who gets off on this sort of thing.

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