Fraternity Under Fire For Bro's Throwing Ice At Worst Possible Time

Officials at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts are investigating anonymous Facebook postings in which female students claimed they experienced abuse at the hands of fraternity members.
Three women wrote posts on WPI Confessions, which is a Facebook page that allows students to reveal secrets without fear of identification. The girls claimed that while they were having sex with a members of a fraternity, other members burst into the room and poured water on them or threw ice at them. The posts have not been verified and don’t reveal which fraternity the incidents took place at. The university claims that they are taking it all very seriously.
The college’s interim president is Philip B. Ryan, who made it clear in a letter to the campus community last week that he was coming down hard on this kind of thing: “Such posts are deeply disturbing–not only because they allege that such vile acts may have taken place at the hands of some of our own community members, but because these posts offer a warped reflection of the values of this university and the vast majority of its citizens.”  
The accusatory posts have since removed from the page, but the school of 4,000 students has launched a full on investigation and with only 4,000 students, we have a feeling that they’ll find these Frat stars pretty quickly. 
Really, bros? Throwing ice and pouring water on girls while they’re banging your friends? Come on…you guys definitely deserve whatever infractions are coming your way. Next time, just let them have sex in peace. This kind of stuff will always come back to haunt you.

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