Insanely Out-of-Date Website Offers to Make Your Movie For You [VIDEO]

It’s hard to believe that websites that look like they were made on Geocities still exist–but they do, and all for your entertainment. Fred and Sharon’s Movies is a great example of a dinosaur website that looks like it was made in the early to mid nineties and yet is a fully operational site that exists today. Basically, the site is run by Fred and Sharon, who claim that they can make your movie for you. It reads, “Who needs a movie? Do you need a movie for your website? What about a commercial showing your products to their best advantage in a graphic way that everyone can understand?”
The website then goes on and on about the different occasions that Fred and Sharon can help you out with–and we’re told that their crappy self-promotion videos used to be shared among the very early users of internet snark, so we won’t pretend that we’ve discovered something amazingly new.
Still, this site really has to be seen. It’s painted green, and ha big goofy text that looks like it was handcrafted in Microsoft Paint. Did these people ever actually make any money off of this? Or were Sharon and Fred just some actors who were hired to troll the early entire internet?
We do not know. For now, we’re just going to enjoy all the laughs that come from scrolling through the site–including Sharon’s Celebrity Advice, in which she lovingly gives celebrities her amazing advice. Please check out the clip below, and ponder whether history has proven her right…

This Is Not Going to End Well [26 FAIL GIFs]
This Is Not Going to End Well [26 FAIL GIFs]
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