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20 Days of Spring Break: Panama City Beach, FL’s Best Photos And Videos


In honor of our trip to Panama City Beach (the #2 Trashiest American Spring Break Destination) this weekend, we’re skipping ahead to bring you a combination of the best, wildest, and trashiest photos to come out of PCB in 2014 thus far. Here’s what we’ve learned:

• CT from the MTV’s The Challenge is there partying with hot blondes. Of course.

• Rat tails are very much alive in Florida.

• All those hot chicks you’ve heard about who go on Spring Break are actually there.

• Silver foxes get a lot of tail.

• Dinosaurs aren’t extinct

I know that we haven’t been sticking to our 20 Days of Spring Break schedule all that much but when we return on Monday we’ll get back to normal.

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