Tinder App Is Confirming Celebrities For Hook-Ups

Tinder, as many of us know, is that wildly popular app that analyzes our Facebook data and, based upon our personal information, tries to pair us off with other like-minded souls.  And the more web-savvy among us know that if you get a buzz from someone claiming to be, say, Mila Kunis, it’s probably total crap.  The good folks at Tinder recognize the heartbreak celebrities must go through getting passed over by us net-weary, ordinary schleps—and they’re taking bold steps to hook them up.
We’ve seen it on Twitter and Facebook; soon Tinder, too, will be rolling out a verification process to ensure that when someone such as Selena Gomez “likes” your profile, it’s the genuine Selena and not some catfishing fake.  It might seem like a stretch, but remember that snowboarding gold medalist Jamie Anderson was very candid about the degree to which Tinder turned the Olympic Village in Sochi into a veritable Roman orgy (or something like that; we prefer to use our imaginations here).
So who knows? If nothing else, we imagine that Lindsay Lohan types will go on liking sprees during Xanax blackouts, and somebody’s bound to bite. For those non-celebs not content to sit around and wait for such things, here’s a life hack you probably won’t find on TED Talks: check out the Wikipedia entry for your famous crush. What are her hobbies? Any favorite books, foods, TV shows?
Now log into Facebook, and profess your love for all that same garbage. You never know when Mila, Selena, or Lindsay will come rolling through your town cruising for dong. Could you be the hookup she’s after? Better leave your smartphone on just in case.

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