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The 23 Hottest Female Athletes of the 2014 USA Olympic Team in Sochi


The Sochi Olympics are just around the corner, which means it’s time for you to learn about the 23 hottest female athletes of the 2014 USA Olympic Team. We’ve already shown you the international nude olympians of curling, but now you need to show some support for your home team.

A lot of people were upset to learn that Lindsey Vonn had stepped away from the team citing a knee injury. We can’t blame them. Homegirl’s one of the hottest skiiers in the game. And while we love talking about Lindsey, the good news is that there’s tons of other sexy Americans representing the Stars and Stripes. Lolo Jones (Bobsled) is a name that comes to mind, as is Allison Baver (Speed Skating), Elena Hight (Snowboarding), and Jamie Anderson (Snowboarding).

As you’ll see. the list is actually pretty impressive and ready to give a country like Norway or Sweden a good run for their money.

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