iWatch Gets Closer To Being Apple's Next Big Thing

The geniuses over at Apple seem to be getting busy with the long-rumored iWatch. That includes recent reports that Apple has added medical experts to its iWatch team. A newly-published patent application suggests that there may be a fitness-tracking wristband in Apple’s future, officially known as the “Wrist Pedometer Step Detection.”
This will supposedly involve sensors inside a fitness tracker interpreting motion and process algorithms to accurately represent its wearer’s activity. Apple’s wearable gadget would then gather step frequency data to determine whether or not the user is actually taking steps or just swinging their arm. So, looks like no more cheating yourself when you say you’ve done five miles and in reality, you’ve done  more like three.
It’s good to know that Apple is experimenting with wearable technology. A report from 9to5Mac also indicated that the next version of Apple’s iPhone software could come with a feature called Healthbook, which is said to monitor information such as calories burned, steps taken and weight lost. Looks like Apple will be pushing health in a big, big way in the next year. 
If Apple does decide to release a fitness tracker or iWatch or whatever they decide to call it, we are sure it will outsell any sort of competition that may be on the way. The Apple dynasty (or monopoly, if you choose to see it that way) shall continue well into 2015. 

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