Wake Up! Flashing GIFs To Get You Through Daylight Saving Time

First, the legal disclaimer: It’s your own damn fault if you have epilepsy and click ¬†through to an article with the words “flashing” and “GIF” in the headline. Not that we’re goofing on anybody. We’ve had a few rough nights where a rock band has surprised us with a light show that made us think that the Surgeon General should’ve required a warning. But today is not a rough night. It is a rough day, because Daylight Savings Time caused our clocks to Fall forward and deprive us of an hour of much-needed sleep.
That wasn’t a problem on Sunday. Today is Monday, however, and the slave-drivers at COED have absolutely no respect for the fact that, yes, we woke up at 10 am, but it was still just 9 am in our minds.¬†So now we’re expected to actually sit here and work while our eyes get heavier and heavier like we’re watching some kind of drama about a ballet school because we were stupid enough to let someone else choose the movie.
Anyway, we have come to work prepared with…well, never mind about what we have. What are you, some kind of cop? The important thing is that we also have a gallery of joltin’ GIFs that will rock your eyeballs hard instead of rocking them to sleep. We’re talking about a stash of totally-legal and SFW online amphetamines –snd if you need a soundtrack, here’s a good Youtube channel

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Elders React To Shakira's and Rihanna's 'Can't Remember' [VIDEO]
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