8 Reasons Why This Week Won't Suck [March 10th-March 13th]

If you were looking at this week’s edition of Why This Week Won’t Suck from a hundred miles away, you’d probably think that this week… actually sucked. First the whole Daylight Savings thing and now we can only come up with eight fun things to do this week. How much worse can this week get?
Calm down and look at the bigger picture here. All eight of these events/releases are pretty awesome occurrences in their own right.
We’ve got a new show premiering and a massive new video game that’s being released. Also coming up is one of the best holidays for men in existence and some of the most exciting sports you could ask for.
These are the eight best reasons for Why This Week Won’t Suck.

"Talladega Nights" Theme Restaurant in Texas Gets Lawyers On 'Em
"Talladega Nights" Theme Restaurant in Texas Gets Lawyers On 'Em
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