SNL Highlight Sketch: Liam Neeson & Obama in Action [VIDEO]

Saturday Night Live peaked early last night, with host Lena Dunham and musical guests The National trying hard to match the show’s cold opening. It was pretty hard to top the iconic presence of Liam Neeson joining Jay Pharoah’s Barack Obama in a Presidential address on the Russian presence in the Ukraine.
There might have been a time when the Saturday Night Live writing staff would come up with something deeper about the implications of a privileged population having a good laugh at a country in crisis. Nowadays, it’s just an excuse for Lorne Michaels to whip out his Rolodex and make a few calls for a celebrity cameo–leading up to a movie parody, because that’s what SNL does nowadays.
In fact, we had to choose between this and the Lena Dunham parody of the Biblical epic Girl to be posting up today–but, you know, Liam Neeson. So check out the clip and decide if it’s political parody, wish fulfillment, or just something funny that you missed because you were actually out on a Saturday night.

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Ray Parker Jr. Gets a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
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