The Kids in the Hall Reunite To Re-enact "Brain Candy" [VIDEO]

The sketch comedy giants The Kids in the Hall will reunite in Toronto for a reading of the movie that almost tore them apart as a group. [Image via Kids in the Hall’s Facebook page]
Scott Thompson, Dave Foley, Bruce McCullough, Kevin McDonald and Mark McKinney will appear on stage together during the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival for a live of reading of Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, the movie they wrote and starred in together in 1996 that was fraught with backstage tension and ultimately bombed at the box office. Critics and non-fans of the group didn’t know what to make of it creating one of the most lopsided critiques between movie critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. Those of us who got the movie and enjoyed it will be able to enjoy their live reading this coming Tuesday in Toronto that will also feature the original ending the group wrote for their movie before the studio ordered them to change it.
Brain Candy tells the story of a faltering drug company that rushes a breakthrough antidepressant called GleeMONEX into production, creating a world of comatose and deluded people. The members of the group play multiple characters in the movie, and wrote the script–although Foley dropped out and lost a writing credit due to creative differences (and the fact that he was starting to work on his NBC sitcom NewsRadio).
He’s been touring across America with The Kids in the Hall, but it’s  been difficult for Foley to return to Canada to reunite with the group because of some child support problems. Either way, it’s nice to see them reuniting and bringing back their original vision of their movie–since the first one ended up like this…

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