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“STAGE FRIGHT” Red Band Trailer: Glee-ful Slashing Mayhem [VIDEO]


Here’s the new red band trailer for Stage Fright, which promises some old-fashioned slasher mayhem in a talent-camp setting that’s going to invoke Glee–and just in time for the show’s 100th episode. We’re pretty excited about this horror film for a few reasons. For one thing, the play-within-the-movie is called Haunting of the Opera, and Stage Fright has Minnie Driver, who was also in the big-screen Phantom of the Opera musical. We really like when fading stars reference their cinematic past in a horror movie. Remember when Richard Dreyfuss was in Piranha 3D?

Also, as you can see by the really cool movie poster below, it’s being strongly suggested that the slasher is a big metal fan. That sounds good. Not that we’re expecting this slasher film to be as good as the classic Italian slasher Stage Fright from 1987. You should really check that out.

But first check out this red band trailer, which is fairly SFW. There’s no nudity, and the violence isn’t too crazy. If you get fired for watching this, then your boss is totally uncool and you’re better off unemployed. Trust us…

Stage Fright Poster

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