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Katy Perry Explains Why She Didn’t Make Out with Miley Cyrus and We Don’t Blame Her [VIDEO]


katy perry

Katy Perry normally doesn’t have a problem kissing other girls–but when it came to Miley Cyrus, she decided to keep her tongue firmly in her cheek…literally. [Image via nikotransmission/Flickr]

The two appeared together recently in Los Angeles during a stop on Cyrus’ aptly-named Bangerz tour, and we did some extensive coverage of the part of the concert when Miley Cyrus bent over to kiss her fellow pop star. Perry, however, explained that the kiss was much more innocent than our analysis may suggest. She claimed on a morning talk show in Australia during her Prismatic World Tour that it was just a friendly gesture between two female friends.

Katy also said that Cyrus tried to take their smooch to a higher level when she “tried to move her head and go deeper,” but she pulled away before the two could start making a run for first base in front of a crowd of fans. We covered that, too.

She explained in her interview before she started becoming infinitely cuter by trying to do the local weather report that she didn’t want to play tongue hockey with little Miss Cyrus because “God knows where that tongue has been.”

We don’t blame her. Sure she and her tongue became a strange sex symbol since their eye-opening performance at the MTV Movie Awards with Robin Thicke, but it seems to spend an inordinate amount of time outside of her mouth. Having the most famous tongue in the world means it’s been around the block a few times–and Purell doesn’t make a tongue sanitizer.

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