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Tim Tebow May Be In Trouble With The NCAA


Tim Tebow NCAA

It seems like Tim Tebow can never stay out of the news. He has been rumored to be in the new cast for Dancing with the Stars, and now it has been reported that he was involved in a recruiting violation for Ohio State. Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer was entertaining friends and family including Tebow when Meyer’s phone rang and it was recruit Clifton Garrett on the other end. Meyer ultimately gave the phone to Tebow, which is an NCAA recruiting violation. The school self-reported the violation after it happened last March.

Garrett decided to go to LSU in the end but these coaches need to know what they can and can’t do. There have always been some shaky things about Meyer but this instance isn’t one where he was trying to exploit the system by having Tebow talk to Garrett. Tebow has likely seen his last game on the field and is supposed to be an analyst for ESPN this coming fall.

There are fans everywhere hoping that Tebow doesn’t show up dancing on the television every Monday night. That would be all that ESPN’s First Take would talk about as Tebow’s 15 minutes of fame continue on…

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