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UVU vs. New Mexico State Game End In (Sorta Mellow) Brawl [VIDEO]


Can you guess what happens when a New Mexico State basketball player throws a basketball at a Utah Valley University basketball player? A big fight breaks out–which surprises us, because we just figured everybody was really mellow in Utah and New Mexico. That’s not true of New Mexico State guard K.C. Ross-Miller. He’s the guy who hurled the b-ball at UVU’s Holton Hunsaker. Which is pretty bad sportsmanship, considering that the Wolverines had just scored a 66-61 overtime win. Isn’t that handshake time?

Well,  it turns out that a bunch of Utah Valley University  felt like it was more like jaw-jacking time after Ross-Miller’s sorry display. They were already heading out to the court to celebrate the win, so there was already a mob ready to cause a spectacle. In retrospect, it was a short-lived spectacle, but go ahead and check out the action. And we’re hoping that Ross-Miller feels very bad about the whole thing.

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