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LeBron James Proves He Can Play With Mask On


LeBron James made a new statement on Thursday night. He can be a dominating player even while wearing a mask. With a protective black mask on to protect his broken nose, James scored 31 points to lead the Miami Heat to a 108-82 win over the New York Knicks. Is there anything that James can’t do?

He is already one of the top five players in NBA history and now he comes out with a stylish mask on and can still score that many points? It makes every other player around the league look bad. Maybe James should be wearing a full-face mask next time and see what he can do with that. He might score 40 points next time.

Miami will be looking for their third straight championship this spring and it doesn’t look like anything is going to stop then from that goal. No broken noses, no other teams, nothing outside of the arena falling down appears to be slowing down James this season.

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