Stoned Guy In Limo Rips Off Soup Kitchen [VIDEO]

Mark Roen, 47–who goes by the name “Bong Rip” to his hundreds of thousands of subscribers online–pulled up to a food bank in a limo, received free goods, and then proceeded to brag about it. Mr. Rip claims that it’s important for his audience (he refers to them as the “Stoner Army”) to see that “bums” are exploiting the food bank system in California.

Listen: we have respect for anyone who drives around in a limo and smokes weed all day. (Snoop Lion, we’re looking at you.) However, when it comes to exploiting the government and taking food for actual homeless people, we draw the line.
In the video stream on YouTube, Roen brags about the haul of goods he’s gotten from a local food bank in the Huntington Beach area while sitting inside a limousine and smoking  tons of marijuana.  “Look at me, dressed…nicely shaven, hair washed. The lady’s asking me if I’m homeless…I had to say yes. I wasn’t really prepared for the whole scam.” The entire video consists of Roen showing off all of the goods that he claimed from the kitchen. He also refers to homeless people as “bums” throughout the video. 
In an interview with Huffington Post, Roen later said his actions were warranted because he is “homeless.” “I live in my music studio, my limo, and my parents let me crash out at their pad,” he told HuffPost. “Technically, I am homeless.” Yeah, if living in a limo, a music studio and with your rich parents is homeless, then Roen has a seriously skewed version of the word…

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