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Student Attendance at Football Games Declining


Student Attendance at Football Games Declining

A trend has been developing around college football that is becoming more alarming by the day. It is the fact that students aren’t showing up for games as much as they used to. Student sections are decreasing and a story in ESPN talks about the fact that during a game between Arizona and Oregon this past season, less than half of the Arizona student section tickets were actually used. The questions are what to do and what is happening.

Kids these days are more into their video games and their big screen TVs than actually going out to the game. If they are going to be drinking, they are doing it more in their dorm rooms instead of knowing they can’t do it at the game. It is a trend that isn’t going to be stopping anytime soon either.

It is up to schools to figure out how to get the students back into the stadiums and out of their dorms and homes. If they don’t, the age of the packed student section could end up being a thing of the past.

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