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Kain Colter Argues for College Players Union



Former Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter believes that college football players deserve a union. He spoke on Tuesday to the National Labor Relations Board telling them that playing football was a “job” and his scholarship stipend was a “paycheck.” Those are very strong comments and something that is going to get a lot of attention.

Colter also mentioned about the long hours that the team had to put in and that the coaches had nearly total control over the players. It is a very interesting story to be watching because the conditions that Colter is bringing up at one of the biggest universities in the country are shocking ranging from when classes could be taken to when they could leave for Christmas break.

It is very possible that the NLRB sees things Colter’s way especially if he can prove that being a college athlete is really a job. It also opens a Pandora’s Box up however for other athletes in other sports to claim the same things. It is a box that won’t be able to get closed again if it blows open the way it appears it is now.

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