FSU Bro Makes Banger “Club Life” Track Out Of Alleged Hazing News Report

Four Sigma Chi brothers at FSU were arrested last week for misdemeanor hazing charges. Allegedly pledges were made to play a jacked-up version of “Edward 40 Hands” that involved bottles of rum and vodka and no bathrooms. But wait, there’s more.

One of the active pledges who goes by “Vaxeen” (seen above on the right) remixed local news coverage audio of the incident into a Smokie Illson’s remix of Yo Majesty!’s “Club Action.”

Sounds pretty good, right? Since the only punishment is that the four brothersĀ could face probation, a fine and mandatory hazing education, the house itself isn’t in any real danger. That means this song will have a home at Sigma Chi for years and years to come.

The idea itself is something unlike I’ve seen before (using clips from news coverage about your fraternity) from a college student, so you might want to keep an eye on this kid. Follow Vaxeen on Twitter (@Vaxeen).

I’d ask former FSU student Lauren Hanley if she’s heard of Vaxeen but she’s currently taking a power nap on our couch. New York City can do that to you.

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