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Yes, This Hipster Abe Lincoln 5 Dollar Bill Happened [PIC DUMP]


Abe Lincoln Hipster

Well, we guess everyone knew that Abraham Lincoln was the original hipster–and we were into Ol’ Abe before the $5 bill got so popular. We’ve always been into totally WTF photos, too, and there’s a great selection today. We’re issuing an¬†emancipation proclamation on things like Olympics-level bad sportsmanship, trolling cars, and a stripper that’ll reaffirm your faith in humanity.

There’s also more fun with dollar bills (or whatever they use in foreign countries), and a birthday scene that looks like a typical day in the life of a COED staffer. We’re also intrigued by the beggar who’s found an amazing new way to make lots of money at minimal risk of his life. That seems like a pretty good career option nowadays.

Get ready for some sensational gals with guns, too, plus dancing men and ladies who you just can’t hate. You get bonus points for catching the Cheech & Chong tribute here–and there’s one pic that’s going to test your eyesight, but you’ll be glad you kept looking closely. (That’s a clue, people.) There’s also a cookie coincidence that we just have to admire. We usually eat our cookies before even taking the time to see if there’s a good WTF pic to be had there.

And can you recognize the former White House correspondent amongst these fine pics? Good luck with that, as we launch another amazing collection of things that most assuredly did happen…

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